The 14th International Tato.Net Forum is taking place amidst unprecedented crises which have not been seen for decades and unrest for the future. Today to be a good father means to show your child the purpose of life, help him discover his or her vision and awaken hope, which is more than wishful thinking . During the Forum you can learn new strategies which will help build hope for yourself and your close ones day after day and have an influence on the lives of future generations.

The Tato.Net Forum is an anual event, unique environment, where men can convey tools needed to become a better father, father in law, grandfather, father figure. There is no place here for moralising, judgement, advising. There is however the opportunity to make new contacts and accumulate a large amount of knowledge on facts, barriers and solutions – you decide what you want to make use of to become a better father. The International Tato.Net Forum is the strength of fathers and power of meetings, various experiences, good practice, creative ideas.

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